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Originally Posted by tclancy View Post
Been having some problems with my 2010 SS RS2. Last month during a heat wave, I got a "Reduced Engine Power" warning and lost almost all power. Got it home, had it towed a few hours later (the warning had gone away but the Check Engine light remained). The dealer kept it and drove it for a couple of days but could not replicate the problem.

Yesterday, at the start of another heat wave after an hour of driving, I was stopped at a light when it threw up a warning that it was shutting off the AC . . . .

EDITED because this is solved: coolant leak
Hello tclancy,

Sorry you are having an issue with power loss in your Camaro. I would like to look into this issue a bit further for you and see if I have any information that will help you here. If you could, please private message me your VIN and current mileage. I will investigate further and update you from there on possible next steps.

Reggie B.
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