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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
Thanks! I went back again last night, but even though I stayed to the end I got only four passes. :(

MY shifting rhythm and 60 foot were both off from my last time. However my ETs stayed about the same (13.3-13-8) and the shift into 4th cost me 2 MPH @ 108. The air was better and the temps were in the 70s. I also ditched my spare tire and the crap in my trunk. All in all I was disappointed in me. MY only improvement was in my RTs which were .5 or less. Still room to improve there. 3rd yellow. 3rd yellow. 3rd yellow.

I plan to go to the T&T Friday night and work on my launch. I was thinking I would try the Launch Control to become more consistent. Then once I have the rest worked out come back and work on a clean manual launch. However after reading more about it I think not.
Are you still going tomorrow?
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