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Did you view the pid list while connected to a lap top and the OBD port and select to view only validated pids? It's been a while since I have had the need to create a new data log configuration file but I believe I viewed more than one map pid. Tomorrow I'll connect mine up and take a look. Regarding the map sensor, I run a ZR-1 sensor with a 2300 maggie with a 3.6 pulley. For reference, my SCT logs show about 151Kpa at WOT which is about 7psi. If you have selected a "validated" MAP pid and still are not able to log accurate data, you're probably going to have to contact the techs at SCT. The only time I log using a lap top is when I track the car and have the need to log and save multiple logs. On a very frequent basis, I log using the handheld only and if I want to keep the log, I download it to my desk top when I get home. Have you tried logging both ways....handheld only and "pass through" using a lap top?
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