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Still trying and have slightly improved my best.

Tonight though I ran against a Fox body convertible Mustang with a similar power to weight ratio that left me for dead. See that run on the left. I am car 454. (nice number) This run makes clear my problem. We both had about the same RT. Then he beat my 60 foot by .154 seconds. Then by the 330 foot i was losing more ground and behind by .322 seconds. After that I came closer to holding my own although he is still pulling me a little.

Besides my crappy 60', I must either be spinning more through first gear and maybe even on the shift to second. On the street the traction control light is on through most of first gear. I wander also if i am short shifting first a bit. Second comes so fast. I made probably 50 or more runs tying to improve my times and 12.8x @ 112-113 is the best I can do. I did improve slightly by replacing my big front sway bar with the stock one.

So without more tire I think I am stuck.

But on a brigher note my corrected best time car #0806 on the left slip:
Stock and Mildly Modified Naturally Aspirated Engines
12.627 @ 113.844 MPH

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