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well i am sitting here at home very Impatiently waiting for my packages to arrive. fedex says it was in edmonton yesterday morning and to arrive today. i wish i could be out in the garage right now, cuz i want to take my dash out now, but gotta wait for my parts. i have to about 430 today to work on it, then 8-230 tomorrow so im sure ill have her almost wrapped up by the end of tomorrow. Depending on when they show today. better not be 4pm haha, id be PISSED. but hey cant be too pissed waiting for a supercharger. ive had a turbo audi for like a month, a twin turbo 3000gt for 3 months (2.5 years but only ran 3 months) but never a supercharged car. or even a car with an aggressive cam for that matter. so im pretty pumped. also ordered some new wheels yesterday. 20x9.5 and 20x11 Forgestar F14s with 275/315 Nitto NT05's so that should help me hook up.
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