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for those of you not aware of our previous track choices.

Vegas was near the top of our list... bottom line... toooo spensive... great facility but not in our price range unless we shared the facility with another event.

So we passed, not to say we won't try again...

AZ, In my opinion was the best of everything but we had unseasonably high temps (tied the record) on the day we were there... and Firebird is closed while the reservation works to hire new managment... so they're on the list but questionable.

CA... tracks in CA are ultra expensive to rent... and there are so many regulations and permits and wierd noise constraints that we aren't willing to risk it. Literally some of our cars would be too loud....

Pacific North west. This is going to sound harsh. but it's a numbers game... looking at sales numbers, that area has the lowest sales numbers and most tracks are very rural with no hotels near or big enough to accomodate us. Not that we won't ever go that way... but it's hard to justify at this time.

We have to have.

Big track to accomodate, parking, car show, CamaroCross (bigger than a AutoX) drag racing, vendors and hotels big enough and close enough for members to go back and forth over two days.

FWIW. Thats the big stuff...
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