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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
The guy said he had track insurance...not sure with who....We were all hanging around at the end of the day....The owner had left when we took the pics....While checking it out, we noticed the key was still on and it wouldn't turn off and we couldn't disconnect the battery...
When he came back with a flatbed, we helped throw all the broken parts in the trash barrels....It was leaking fluids all over the place, the owner actually was able to start it to help get it on the flat-bed...go figure...
Ugh...sad. The good news is he gets a new car (after paying the insurance deductible) thanks to the track insurance. Hate to hear these stories, but it happens a lot.

High-performance driving school is worth its cost a thousand times over (life-long "insurance policy"). Even then sh*t happens, someone drops oil or antifreeze on the track and you are along for the ride regardless...
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