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Help Finding 5 Volt Source ***

Really need to know how to access 5 volt power.
The rest is just ranting and whinning.
Purchased a Dashtronix Gauge Projector that allows the DIC and HUD to display Boost and Air Fuel Ratio's.
The unit comes with a Map Sensor that requires 5 Volt input.
When I contacted DashTronix what wires are 5 volts.. the response was to find a 5 volt sensor wire, and piggyback into the fuse for that sensor .
Don't connect to 12 volts it will destroy the unit.
OK,,, where is the source of this 5 volt sensor.
Response ,, model specific , do your own research.
Originally bought the unit in May and was installed when the Supercharger was put on.
But it was not compatiable so the Dashtronix and the Inovative Wideband were both sent back to Dashtronix for an update.
10 weeks later it returns with a 1 page install sheet.

This is supossed to be calibrated for a 12-13 Camaro
so why not tell me what the used for setup?
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