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Originally Posted by 95birdible View Post
If there is a widespread shortage shouldn't that tell all of us that this is a major problem? I mean, the first tops are going to the ones on the line and the leftovers are sold through parts warehouses and dealerships for service. Just read between the lines a bit on this one.

Exactly. I've been waiting since the beginning of May. What a joke. I go for a few days vacation, including from my cell phone, and the GM Cust Assist Center tells me (after 6 months of this crap) that they have "been trying to reach out to me and have not been able to contact me.." THE PAST THREE DAYS... And, "...since we cannot contact you we will close your case file at this time. Please call us if we can be of further....." I am beyond pissed off right now. "Reach out" to me? Yeah right. Just a head's up to folks out there using the GM Cust Assist Center, they are basically worthless. And they have yet to listen to or meet my demands for the "advertised" expectations of this car. The top is screwed, and the service records are 3 inches thick with a plethora of warranty issues with this car.

So, my demand is still for a new mechanism and top. We'll see what they send. Meanwhile, the car is back finally from fixing the hydroelectric plant I had on the rear floor.

I was told there is a new mechanism prototype by the GM Assist Center just last week. This is the reason they told me I could not "get a new mechanism". Hey I'll wait. Because, GM, you're going to get this car back constantly for the same problem until it is REPLACED. Sorry guys, just plain tired of this shit, I've been nice, now it's time to turn the "nice light" off. I'm told I'm in line for the new had better have a matching newly designed mechanism attached.
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