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Originally Posted by JohnnyBfromPeoria View Post
I've always lived by "Take care of the cents and the dollars take care of themselves," in business. Disregard the cents (let's call it "sense") and no dollars will follow. I believe the situation will resolve itself, though at the expense of the posters who are out tons of money.

I would probably spend whatever it took as a business owner to make SSE 4 2SS's car work correctly, even if it wasn't the fault of my business/products/practices. What a great way to build good will and gain a solid reputation. But, sadly, I guess that's just not the way some people do business any more. It's too bad, but fortunately, there are forums like this one. Remember, what we post sticks around practically forever...

Have any of you read about the girl who is too young to drive but she's rebuilding a Pontiac Fiero to hopefully be done by the time she can get her license? Holy B@lls...a little bit of "being a good person" goes a long way. The people and companies who have pitched in to help her have my complete support.

Whatever "really" happened, Granatelli, it's really not too late. Do the right thing, even if it hurt$.

John B.
I haven't read that but I will be if I find it...

All, please know this... Being a moderator has nothing whatsoever to do with the situation. This event took place way before I was selected to be a mod.

What hurt J.R.s credibility as a solid businessman was the following my car had. It wasn't about me in any form or fashion. There were literally hundreds of people in attendance that were waiting to see this car, as evidenced by the build thread and the people standing around when J.R. Came over to talk about it.

He can try all he wants to deny that it was his kit, but, it was marketed and sold as the TTI/Granatelli or Granatelli/TTI kit, and they even argued it in my build thread as was posted here earlier...

I agree that as a businessman, occasionally you have to take your lumps, and if he had done so, I would have been a very vocal voice for him... As I am for the vendors I enjoy working with... And that list is long.

I know there are a number of people running other TT kits in their cars due to my opinion and comments. I still get asked a lot about TT kits via pm and other message formats...

At this point, I don't want anything from J.R. But I will be sure anyone that asks me will get access to my story. It's as simple as stating... Google Granatelli Motor Sports... Or bing it, or yahoo search it... Your choice...
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