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Originally Posted by ChevyNut View Post
The first time I confused you I was speculating that the Z or SS or both would be available the second year with just a base 5.3 V8 the first year. With several different V6's. Wasent trying to offend you.

Spent some time to find it.

Mabey I sould pay more attention in english so I dont confuse or mabey just not allow my insomniac behavior allow me ot get on here late at night.
Ahhhhh. Now I remember! Nah, it's going to be the same as any other year. They will have a V6 (I say 2 V6's), a base V8, mid V8, and Top Dog V8....I think. And, they will release all of that in the same year model. That's how I see it going.

No offense taken, my friend!!! I didn't take it that way at all.
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