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Originally Posted by TT C6 View Post
YOU ARE SO RIGHT! There should have been a LS3 CTS with available AWD. The DI V6 should have been the base engine and the LS3 should have been the optional engine instead.
the high feature engine is being phased out, and the DI will be the Base engine for the CTS.

i wouldnt mind having a ls3 CTS-V, but i dont think you guys realize what having the fastest Sedan Does....Bragging rights. in the computer parts business it is all about having the Fastest part even if it is more expensive then your competition because if you make the best part people by your lesser products because they think your quality and performance trickles down to your lesser products. So the CTS-V is now the fastest sedan around the Nurburgring, they advertise that and then give you the chance to buy a lesser car with the same heritage. so people feel that they can have a car with an amazing pedigree so they buy it.

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