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Originally Posted by RickyTheStorm View Post
Yes - a simple tune can remove the speed governor.

No - It is not wise to go over 118 on public roads - especially with stock tires

Yes - It is okay to go over 118 on one of those mile long tracks at airports, deserts, etc.

No - It is not okay to do this on the factory tires

I have had my SS up to 152 MPH on an airport - could have kept going but I never disabled the 155 governor and frankly a lot can go wrong at that speed.

I understand the desire to go fast - the car looks fast when it is parked, and when in it you just want to make it go like it looks and feels, but unless you plan on doing this in a controlled environment just think about what would happen if a deer ran out in front of you.... not pretty.

Be safe man, and enjoy it!

I agree wholeheartedly. While it may be fun to ride in excess speeds, I do not endorse it simply for the fact that there are -soooo- many variables (in the vehicle or even in the environment) that come up at high speeds that may hinder your ability to maintain full control of your vehicle. Take this from a guy who totalled his first car because he thought it was the mach V.
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