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Yes, you can clay the glass. It actually cleans it very well, but I don't recommend for sap unless it's sap that's spritzed on from a nearby fir (tiny little droplets, feel like sand)-- most of those are taken off with soap and water. On glass, a razor blade makes quick work of taking up sap, especially big or hardened globs.. Follow up with a coat of rain-x, after washing and claying the glass.

Tree sap on paint...sorry, sometimes Dawn dish soap just won't cut it. If it's a huge glob (this I know about...I have 100' firs on my property), you need to get as much of the glob off the body panel as possible using paper towel or a dull plastic edge (be very careful about scratching the paint).

Then, depending on the age of the sap, I'll use a bit of bug and tar remover. With fresh sap, it comes right off. If it's aged a bit, I'll put it on the sap and rub it in a bit with the tip of my finger. Sometimes a clay bar helps, but the hard tree sap just usually shreds the clay. For the really bad stuff, I'll put on a pair of thicker latex gloves and work the edges with my nail, using a healthy glob of bug and tar remover.
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