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Okay...this is bad news....Why?!? October '08. GM wasn't lying, and may I take this oportunity to say that the 30 cars in October tidbit was never 'press-released' by GM? It started as a rumor that was then confirmed by Scott, as I recall. Secondly, did any of you really expect them to make enough cars in November and December to pass out to all the dealerships by January? Um, no.
Thirdly, last time I checked, March is in the beginning/First quarter of '09 - in, fact; it's in the beginning of every year!:eek:. So, nope GM didn't lie about that, either.
No delays that I can see, here.

(sigh) Relax.

oh, and don't count on the Camaro making a "Challenger-esque" entry into the market
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