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Originally Posted by 2010_5thgen View Post
yeah this is getting rediculuos that they keep pusing it back. they tell us production in late 08 , now production is pushed back maybe 6 months!!! this is BS. tell us something true for a change. stop pushing things back and give us the real date.
For quite some time we have been hearing "production STARTING last quarter '08, available at dealers first quarter '09". Now what exactly in that recent Leftlane article states anything differently than what GM has been saying? Now let's see, the most recent article said early production going to engineers, etc. starting in Nov., that's still last quarter '08. They stated should be available at dealers mid -March '09, that's still first quarter '09. So what has really changed? NOTHING!!! Get a grip people, it will get here. Three years (or a little over) from concept being shown to available at dealer is nothing. Sure, I'd like to have one tomorrow too, but it just is not going to happen.
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