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Originally Posted by Anna View Post
OK, I went to my dealer today (I was so excited!) to once again order:
1. 2SS convertible
2. Imperial Blue Metallic
3. Grey interior
4. Black top
5. RS package

I was once again disappointed (just as I was last April). It seems I can’t have a black top with the grey interior. I have to have a black interior with a black top. Or, beige interior with a beige top (nope, not for me).

Why can’t I get it my way? I thought that was the reason for ordering rather than buying off the lot.

The dealer is going to check tomorrow to verify the black top and grey interior (it was available like that last year).

And so it goes…………………..
Let us know how it goes...I never thought the Convertible combinations were that restrictive...

Originally Posted by Cezr12 View Post
I wish they had more colors =/ the challenger has had a lot of colors that I like. They've gotten rid of ABM, Synergy Green, RJT and what happened with cyber gray?
ABM = bad seller.
Synergy Green = Limited run.
RTJ = being replaced with a similar color.
CGM = being replaced with a similar color.

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