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Originally Posted by Xmicro_SS View Post
Seriously...there is NO clear cut winner on the interior. I happen to like the cleaner look inside the Camaro. Especially the IOM interior that I ordered. The Ford looks too FLAT and I never liked the dash with the overhanging lip on each side. Not to mention there is no stitching anywhere. For a few bucks, I will be taking mine to a leather guy and wrapping the dash.......I think all the polished metal is very yesterday. Plus the Camaro wraps around you and the Mustang is just in front of you.
i think not having a screen and cool entertainment system (or the ability to fab one in because of shape) in your car is very yesterday as well but thats my opinion. and i like the custom leather idea... post pics when your done, sounds interesting the camaro's interior is too spacey for a car... i will keep it clean

Camaro interior dislikes.

1. huge radio knobs and the way that whole area is shaped.
2. 4 big lab experiment gauges in center stack
3. the shape of the interior cancels out custom radio ideas.
4. sharp square encasings wrapped around round gauges.
5. e-brake has no "home" it's just there. and passenger side?
6. no touch screen/visual navigation/entertainment center.

Camaro interior likes

1. the way the doors flows into the top part of the interior.
2. the inner door panels look cool (without gloss plastic)
3. steering wheel looks sharp.
4. shifter looks sharp

all opinion of course. i didnt add hard plastics because i dont really care how soft the interior of my car is unless im going to rub my face against it all day. if it looks good it looks good hard or soft.

but for people who do care the '10 mustang is just about the best quality soft touch interior. i can admit flaws with any car you guys even fight when there really is some flaw with your's let up a little maybe we can have a decent constructive conversation.
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