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Originally Posted by vladkgb View Post
theres no way a turbo or super charger "bolt-on" kit will be made and still run on pump gas. its impossible because the v6 has 11:1 compression due to the direct injection, this engine wont be able to take much boost at all before detonation will be a big problem. If the v6 gets any type of forced induction expect atleast a head change to lower the compression ratio, which = big monies.
Todays engines are equipeed with advanced ECU's and this engine in particular has DI on it .. Not going to handle much boost is a vague statment .

With the advances in tuning and DI I Imagine the motor will handle 15 PSI with NO PROBLEMS ....

I am running 22.5 PSI spiking 25 PSI on 91 Octane on a 2.0 LNF with CAST pistons .. Yes it does have some KNOCK and tends to run LEAN in colder conditions but the ECU accounts for that KNOCK and automatically retards the timing to produce less knock I am at 5000 FT ..... 300 HP on a 2.0 w/ 22.5 PSI pump gas stock EVERYTHING stock turbo... If I could get a good look at the 3.6 pistons I would be able to tell you what kind of boost levels we will be able to run just by the design of the pistons .. Everything else in the motor is pretty much good to go as far as internals only thing you might consider is the fact the stock 3.6 DI pistons are Aluminum which can cause some heat problems under high boost ...

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