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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Why's that? In the respected rear-mount systems (like STS)...the idea of increased lag time is a falsehood.

Not if the 100ft hose is half the diameter of the 50ft hose...
LOL yeah you take Charge piping from a turbo and Decrease its diameter by half and see what happens LOL can you say Loss in PSI .. Why not just stick a cork in it . The idea isn't to restrict the Boost tubing or ( Charge piping ) that would just create tons of loss in boost ... Can you blow air through a garden hose easier or a straw ... Put it that way
A turbo works by using the excess gas not being burned by the engine which is injected into the turbo pumping hot exhaust through the cold side or ( intercooler ) back to the engine . Hence the name Forced induction ... A supercharger is basically just cork screw fans hooked to the pulleys of the engine forcing air into the intake which in turn you usually loose a lot of horsepower do to the fact your engine is turning another device on the pully system , its like turning on the A/C you loose power because of the motor has to work extra hard to turn the AC compressor ....

I like turbos my self because I am a Torque fiend .....
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