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Originally Posted by t&t moyer View Post
All this talk about the Z being a DD and pricing or creature comforts. Really??? Get over it and buy something else if you don't like it, move on and find something else to complain about. Look at the original Z28 in 1967. Was it a practical for everyone as a DD especially if you opted for the cross-ram dual four intake & headers in the trunk waiting to be installed by the dealer?? It's a base for a race car, not a Cadillac. The public is spoiled with comforts. Want a race car buy it, want a street car buy it but don't expect both out of one. The Camaro isn't a "super car" and never will be. It's average Joes muscle car just as it was intended way back in the day.
Nicely put.

Most people out there just see every 5th gen as a camaro, they just don't know the diffrence. My little v6 still turns heads and it puts a smile on my face, thats all that really matters. So go out and drive a camaro no matter which one it is.
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