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Originally Posted by FINALLYSATISFIED View Post
People are upset by the approach GM took in creating the Z/28 not because they can't afford it, if you want speak for yourself go right ahead. It's just not practical for most ppl especially in my case being track orientated. I can reduce weight by taking out my speakers, and other means. But I'd rather not. Instead of stripping down to reduce weight a 5th Gen they should have waited for the Z/28 to be on a platform that will already be engineered for less weight(6th Gen) while maintaining some of the comforts people are used to. By putting a LS7 engine in GM is trying to sway some people to jump. I'm staying put. Kudos for GM bringing the hallowed name back but it was forced with a sub-par refresh. For those making it a DD good luck with that, I'm laughing at the first member who tears up his front lip on the highway.
If they did wait until the 6th gen I would still want them to strip out the radio and make the AC optional, less weight would still be better for a track oriented car even if the baseline is not as heavy as the 5th gen.

As for DDing the Z/28 I would definitely do that if I ever get my hands on one.
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