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Originally Posted by Cyberfan View Post
It's hard to tell from the threads about "MSRP and below" dealers and "What did you pay?" whether dealers are giving any discounts yet or not. I get the impression they are not, or very few are.

I do know that if you pay more than MSRP right now, you are not a smart shopper as plenty of dealers are selling Camaros for that. The dealer I take my Corvette to for service here in Atlanta (Day's Chevrolet) is selling them all day long at MSRP when you special order a car from them. But the cars they get in are all sold, so they don't have any in the showroom. Some other dealers have cars in the showroom that they mark up over MSRP to people who are willing to get gouged to have a Camaro right now.

So, any dealers or salesmen who post on Camaro5 giving any discounts? Did you get a discount from MSRP for your car, or do you know a dealer who does it yet? Seems like the time is close for that.

It's just a matter of time till Camaros are discounted like the rest of the Chevy line, including all Corvettes except the ZR-1. I really want a new car within a year, but I am a cheap ba$tar& and will order my Camaro from the dealer who gives me the best deal- don't care about the coffee or how nice the salesman is.
Hey bud,
The only thing that sucks is that you are in Hotlanta (I love your town btw) becasue there is a dealer here in California that has a Cyber Gray 2SS on his lot and is willing to let it go for GMS (employee pricing) right now that's below MSRP! I ordered mine in a diff color and was still able to get GMS pricing...I guess it's a crap shoot when you walk into a dealer...or just remember buyer beware!!
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