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Originally Posted by maddoggyusa View Post
I think a better explanation is trans am racing support was withdrawn and smog emissions hit hard after 1970.

I don't buy this slash story. I could make up some similar story that the 63-67 Sting Ray is super special because it's two words... and the later 68-75 and current Stingrays are crap It was just some market people's decision... then people make up special stories afterwards.

To me the original Z28 was a nice handling car with decent power for a small block, but it was no ZL1 or Yenko. When you think of 60's cars, when was the last time you heard "I really want a 302!!!" It's a gem of an engine but everybody loves the big blocks. I think there are several better GM small blocks put in corvettes... early LT1's, 327 fuelies.

I really think the current ZL1 should be the top dog... and the Z28 should be a lightweight handling package with some extra power (basically a 1LE with 25 extra HP) for maybe $5k or so extra. Not a $40k option.
I agree the "/" was convenient, however why not use it to their advantage to market the car? It makes total sense from a marketing standpoint to me as it has been taken back to its Trans Am roots (the reason the Z/28 was created).
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