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Originally Posted by CloudXTC View Post
engine shortage
There are plenty LS3/L99s to go around.

Its a 60% max on SS orders. Meaning only 60% of a dealers orders can be SS cars. i.e. if a dealer has 5 total orders: 3 SS orders and 2 LT/LS orders, you are fine. 3/5 = 60% BUT if they have 4 SS orders and 1 LT/LS order... no go. 4/5 = 80% so they will have to hold that last order until they have another LT/LS to submit first.... get it? It isnt any kind of shortage at all, it is a way to set the ratio between v8 and v6 cars out there. Likely has something to do with CAFE and that the V8 is WAY more popular then the analysts thought it would be.

Ford does the same thing on Mustang GTs (I have heard) but they just never reach their max ratio so you dont hear about it. Plenty of v6 stangs out there. Here is how i take the rush of V8 orders. Right now we are still in the initial phase where the enthusists want the top dog. Once that dies down and we (the enthusists) have our cars and we start seeing cars on the lots and joe schmoes can just go buy a V6 there will be an abundance of V8 orders. Eventually it will balance out. I guess GM (or the govt) is trying to force the ratio to even out now.

Order the car, you will get it, just may take a bit longer. It's worth it.
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