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Originally Posted by Imfishintx View Post
Just keep waiting, just look at it this way, they are offering 4,000 off the 09 Vette and if there were actually enough of these things built you would get 4K off them too!!! I canceled my JUNE order today, MSRP is still too much, next year you will be able to pull down a real deal.

While I agree that there will be deals to be had in the future, to say the Camaro is not worth the current MSRP is stretching it a little. Compared to a similarly equipped MSRP for a Vette, its a bargain. You can say all you want about a BASE Vette being in a different league, but its not 20k more car. A Z06 if definitely a different world and league, but the MSRP is twice that of a 2SS

I was thrilled to find out what I got inclusive in the 37k MSRP for my 2SS/RS. Its a helluva car for the price.
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