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Originally Posted by Bomino View Post
Zl1 and z06 are already neck and neck on the ring.

When the c6 z06 first came out it posted a 7:43.

Zl1 7:41

The corvette isn't SOOO much better than the camaro, even though on paper it may seems so..

1le even beat the grand sport around VIR iirc.

A lot of people seem to think this car was made just to somehow bring that badge back.

The z/28 REALLY is a car for people to track, even with the z06 available for similar price. GM is serious about this car, and it WILL perform. Just watch...
the Z07 package on a Z06 went 7.22 and the ZR1 went 7.19. I am thinking the Z/28 could be a low 7.30s car (very respectable) especially for a "muscle/pony" car.

I would like to see how close the C7 and Z/28 are to each other.
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