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Originally Posted by kga10734 View Post
Nicely done guys, and a great detailed description on how to do it.

My wire should be in tomorrow and I have the sanding done or so I thought. I didn't go the extra 1/16 - 3/32 below the angle, is it need to get the light to show through properly?
I may also be able to do it without drilling a hole. The wire side connectors I will be using may fit right through the rectangle holes without messing them up.
Thanks !!

Absolutely, we tried to do it directly on the corner of the angle, and the light was very faint...... we then retaped, and continued to sand

Originally Posted by sugar'n'spice View Post
Awesome! The best! Excellent!......of course!
Thank you dear

Originally Posted by thecamaroguy View Post
Very nice write up!!
Thanks !!
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