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Originally Posted by Never2LowChevy View Post
Any paint and body shop can do this since its pretty simple, even the ones at the dealerships. But if you want the best "bang for your buck" I would take it to a reputable paint shop in your area and for just a little more you can pick your own colors and get some airbrushing inside the stripes. Ghost flames, skulls, pearls, metallics, ect... And you could also help mix your own color and make it truly part of who you are.
Your right, any reputable shop can do this, but I had these guys do it because this guy worked at the dealership and he did warranty work on 69 Z's so he is very skilled and experienced. It took a couple of days to get the rear ones just right (tape on , tape off, tape back on etc.) So it might look simple, but believe me is was work.
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