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STS Remote Mount Turbo Kit for V6

Has anyone considered doing an STS Remote mount turbo or twin turbo kit? They seem really cool, and probably an easier mod than a regular turbo mount. The difference (if you are not familiar with remote mount turbos) is that they don't go under the hood. Instead they replace the muffler, or attach somewhere on the exhaust pipe, then send boost all the way back to the engine. Seems a bit strange, but apparently it works great!

I think I might save up and help Nikki get one of these twin turbo kits for her 2LT.

They already have bolt on kits for several cars (mustangs, challengers, 350z), and I am sure they'll have one for our Camaros soon. This could even be a good possibility for the v8 guys, since they've already done kits for the corvettes and gto.

Here is the link:

Also! They sound pretty awesome!

Here is a video:
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