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Originally Posted by XanthosV6 View Post
You're perfectly entitled to your opinion - just wanted to make sure you weren't just spouting off what you've heard others say just because you heard them say it.

Personally, I think its a good idea in theory. I don't like the muffler replacement part of it though - if I did one, I would use a single turbo and put it where the H-pipe is. Run a Y-pipe into the turbo, and a Y-pipe off of the turbo. It would serve as an X-pipe, but also give the turbo itself a bit better spool from the scavenging of the Y-pipe, and from it not being QUITE so far back.

And I would put a metal shield under it to keep it from getting hit by rocks, water, etc.
- X

P.S. - Of course, this is all academic because if I ever did go forced induction, it would be through an eaton or similar blower.
correct in theory it does. but you gotta expect clearence issues as well.
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