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The unfortunate thing is that this is on two panels. So that drives up the cost. I've had similar repairs done on my front bumper for ~$400-500. Now factor in the adjacent panel, and probably another $300-400. They're gonna have to pull the panels, straighten anything out and smooth it, blend the paint in the areas where it's missing, and then they'll spray a coat of clear over the entirety of both panels.

When the dust settles, my rough guess is somewhere between $700-1000. I might be a little high, and it may vary on your area, but that's my guess.

As far as the second part, I'm not sure if you have grounds to recoup your losses. I would think so, and I would hope so, but you never know these days. Nobody is responsible for anything.

I'm sorry to hear about it. I can definitely empathize, as my car was damaged yesterday as well. You got off pretty easy, relatively :/ I guess it was just a bad day to be driving!
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