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Originally Posted by Eisenhower View Post
Designers do just that-- design a car. A lot of times they're shootin' for looks rather than designing a vehicle around federal safety standards. This is why they have to redo the steering wheel (a little) to include an airbag. They wouldn't touch it if this were 1969.
They're also raising the roofline a bit so you don't break your neck while driving over a speed-bump in the coupe, and to correct the windshield height on the vert. I personally like the "chopped" look and think they ought to lower the seat instead. But, nobody asked me, now did they...
Yep, that's the key - Federal Saftey standards. the turn signals have to be a certain size, The airbags (mentioned above), etc....

I do want to note 2 things.
#1: I've heard them say many times that they designed the Concept to be as production-ready as possible.

#2: I think they realize that there isn't all that much room inside the car (up-down room). But keep in mind that they're only raising the roof 12 mm higher. that's not even half an inch. They've mentioned a few times that they are working to lower the seats (that the concept's were much higher then they would be in a production model.) So maybe they did ask you, and you didn't know you remember any big black SUV's?
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