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Originally Posted by Cyber Gray View Post
Yeah but you will lose the sun roof and control on fog lights as a drawback for this package!

The HID lights are cool, but I'm installing a phantom grille so no more lights for me I guess.

Also, the stock lip spoiler doesnt fit on my Razzi body kit. It is so short and bearly noticed.:(

I went for the RK spoiler.

Did they told you how long will take for them to get the Camaro to you. The LT took 2 months, but when I asked for the RS they told me you need to wait for 5 months !!

I was planning to go even for the black concept but damit the police will stop me for the red halo, and black color doesnt really fit to our dusty weather

The RS Package doesnt always come w/ sunroof and fog-light control, i reckon only with the 2LT it does, my 1LT/RS Package is withOUT the sunroof and foglight control (RS package doesnt allow you to control the foglights, there are adaptors that you can purchase and install, which will enable you to control the foglights on/off in the RS package).

I guess it depends on your region specifications, which defers the RS package from one countjry to another...i guess.
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