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Originally Posted by Camaro_h View Post
LOL, i wasn't trying to give abriviation of the RS DRLs, im just saying there is an accessory cable that you can connect which enables you to control having your fog-lights ON even during the night instead of the HIDs.

Yes, the Sunroof is an option despite RS or non-RS package (500KD).
Hold on guys, I said that the specs here are up side down. RS originally comes with a ditiched roof, but yet I have seen RS with sunroofs.

My LT comes originally with leather seats as per the spec sheet from the dealer, but when it arrived I discovered that those are sport buckets.

As you mentioned (Al Suwaidi) you can change the switch for the fog lights..... but since you are planning to change....dont waste money over nothing!

As long as you plan it right take what you want. I dont like Boston speakers for example, so I didnt order them and installed Alpine with amp.

I dont like the lip spoiler so I took one with no spoiler and bought my RK. I didnt bother for the rings as long as they are 19'inch any way.

And most important thing I dont need 6.2 engine thats why I took the LT.

Camaro is pretty, so pick what suits you but make sure that the dealer will deliver it on time to you. Custom orders take time.

If you follow my advice: Buy stock, then customize. All the stuff can be shipped through UPS from the states in 2-7 days, so why wait for 5 months for the dealer to get you what you want?
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