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Dude are you kidding me? When you first saw this car did you think to yourself " Uhhhh, Gee I wonder if I am going to get laid now if I bought one of those"
Oh Puhleeeeez! I thought I would never see a thread like this pop up. Chicks may dig the car but if they are shallow enough to just give you some personal female attention "just because you have a Camaro" then to be honest with you I really dont think they are worth going out with.
Didn't it cross you mind before you started this thread that women just might be reading this thread as well? And a lot of these women in here also own Camaros as well, do you think that when they first saw the Camaro they thought to themselves "Hey thats a sweet looking car! maybe now if I bought one I can get laid now!"

I didn't think so either!

Hey I am not trying to bash you in any way but actually I am feeling a bit insulted when someone comes on here and says that we should all admit that we bought the car because we felt that it would affect our love lives.
Dude I am 45 years old now and have four children(two grown up now), happily married, sold a 68 Camaro that I had for 20 years in order to make room for my future new Camaro, and am saving up for it as well, believe me......... the last thing that I thought when I first saw and decided on getting one is"hmmmmm now I will have women everywhere wanting me" c'mon now, those days are over, a car is a car and nothing more than that. Ya the folks at Chevy hit a home run with this stunning piece of machinery. Will it get you laid? Maybe, but if that is the only reason some chick will get with you then I highly suggest that you wear some serious protection when you do her, because this is the type of woman that will do anything for any reason.
Ya maybe if I were about 25 years younger I might have thought the same way as you but please have a bit of respect for the older gentlemen in here and dont insult their integrity.
My wife reads these forums as well and when she sees this cr@p she gets a little offended as well.
all I am saying is this.......enjoy the car for what it is and not what it can get you, be it attention from gaulkers, chicks, status, envious onlookers(and this means you Mustang folks),
or whatever.......just enjoy it and try and be safe in your lovelife, too many folks are out there getting diseases and such, I would hate to see anybody get these diseases just because they had a quickee from some shallow Camaro groupee.
Yes this car DOES stand out to members of the opposite sex and it does attract attention, all I am saying is to be careful, there is stuff out there that you can catch and it WILL kill you, hmmmm that is the Dad in me talking.
The car is sexy with its design and I am sure it will bring back some youthful memories for me but that is where it ends, the last thing I need now is for some young shallow, bubblegum chewing, girl to be interested in going for a ride in my Camaro, I am beyond that.
Just my two cents
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