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I have concluded through my own experimentation that the seats don't heat nearly as well unless there is a body in them. They still warm up, it just takes a bit longer.

As for needing to be 50F or below to use the heated seats, that's wrong. I've had the heated seats on well above 50, even up in the 90's (freaks people out when they sit in a car and all the sudden their butt starts getting hot ).
[Insert obligatory car/order info below]
2LT RS; Imperial Blue Metallic w/ Silver Rally Stripes; Gray Leather Interior; Automatic; Exterior Painted Interior Trim Panels; Blue LED Footwell Lighting; Dash ABL; DRL Halos
Ordered - 1/16/10 at Weber Chevrolet in Granite City, IL (Excellent experience; Thanks John!)
Produced - 2/24/10
In the driveway - 3/4/10
Total time order to delivery - 47 days
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