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Originally Posted by crysalis_01 View Post
Lag is minimal. My '13 F-150 SuperCrew equipped with the 1st gen 3.5EB is over 110k miles. . . no issues.

"All the power is in the upper RPM where a truck engine should not be."

3.5EB HO delivers max torque of 510lbft @ 3500rpm.
GM's truck duty 6.2 delivers 460lbft @ 4100rpm.

3.5EB HO max HP of 450 is @ 5000rpm
Truck 6.2L max HP of 420 is @ 5600rpm

But, i digress.

The new Ranger should by all means utilize the 2.7EB, in a HO guise, as its top tier engine. It fits current playbook being put out by Ford Performancr, what with pushing thr EB name further and further.

Base could be a NA 2.3, a 3.0L Powerstroke should be an option, and the 2.7EB and a 2.7EB HO can sit at the top.
Thanks for that response.

I was going to say that its actually typical these days in factory turbo engines that they make their peak TQ at a lower RPM than most N/A engines and that TQ typically comes on early.

But your response spelled that out with numbers. I believe some people just hear the words "V6" or "4 cylinder" and think they all have to be strung out to get any power, even if they are FI and that is just not true.
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