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Originally Posted by Lycanine View Post
Thank you! Coming from you, it's a huge compliment
I think the chrome looks just fine next to the white. I'm sure it's my preference and all but they don't clash for me. The chrome and the metal flakes in our blue really shine nicely together, and the white is a great contrast in small accents because it's flat. I've toyed with the idea of adding more white to the car, like something on the sides, but I think anything more might be overdoing it.

I actually went through a McDonald's drive thru this morning for an iced coffee and the cashier told me, "You know, I'll be 44 soon. And I just wanted to let you know that before I die...stealing your car is on my bucket list." We both laughed as he told me how much he loved my car and how beautiful it was. Pretty cool guy

Thanks again for stopping by!
I was originally going to go white stripes because of that same reason, but with white stripes and then trying to continue to add accents here and there would have been too much. You have the right amount of white right now to accent the color, and if you were to add any more, I would only do something small like hood spears and call the exterior done. You have a little on each side with the gills, the front with the bowtie/grill, the back with bowtie and white out panel, and you don't really need anything on the roof, but the hood would the only place I could suggest if you wanted more white without going overboard. The interior you can go nuts with though!

I'd beef up your alarm/security next though because of that compliment.

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