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Originally Posted by Dr Jkel View Post
I used DMH on mine and you know how they sound....

Originally Posted by IROCanSS View Post

I am the guy cash is talking about...

Best place to put them is right in the bend coming back after the cats. It gives the loudest sound. The further back, the less sound.
Yup. Just got back from shipping them back to Jegs.

I'll order butterfly type ones. Wish I had a welder.

Thanks dude. When my new ones get in I'll have them welded like that.

Originally Posted by SSDan View Post
Here are my DMH's installed in an American Racing midpipe. Not sure if the Borla midpipe is exactly the same but it can't be that much different. So, add me to the list with Dr. Jkel and IROCanSS - if you can put your cutouts there you will never say again - I wish my car were louder!
Borla midpipes turn in a little sharper than, say, an ARH system. It makes it impossible to do a cut in diverter without welding. And If I'm going to have to have it welded anyway, I may as well just do it straight in like you guys have here.
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