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the event on the 21st is for a long time friend and fellow Hot-Rodder friend of mine , i have know this guy all my life and reacently he was diagnosed with Cancer and being an independent truck driver his Ins only coverd so much, its been a year since his diagnosis and with all the treatments he has run out of Ins. and his life savings. We have already had numerous BBQ plate sales and that has helped him and his wife out so far to pay for treatment, His wife and Son have already taken out 50% of ther 401k to also help , but with each treatment alone costing him upwards of 9500.00 and each treatment his held every Wedsday its gotten very costly ,

This car show is Brought together from a small group of long time friends myself encluded , all we have so far is the date July 21st is the earliest we could put something together with Aug 4th being the rain out date. As for the location we are talking to several places with a lot big enough to hold such an event but have not yet locked down a location , we are asking for donations ( 10$ ) per car, small price to pay for such a good cause and a family in very much need of it .

as soon as i got more information i will pass along, i also am open to suggestions so if you have any please do pass it along ,

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