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Ok customer service its time to really help us with this stupid @ss thing.Mine activated twice today, once at the gas station,i dont know about anyone else but i have never seen a gas pump on a hill.The other was at the bank,and once again the parking lot wasn't on a hill.This thing is ridiculous,and we need to be able to turn it off.Does GM actually hear us?or they just dont care??????????
Had to quote myself i went back to the gas station just to take this pic,hopefully someone at GM(customer service)will see this.Under my hood is a little emblem that says High Performance,at no point should hill assist and High Performance be on the same car!!!!!!!!!!!! this thing is so freaking stupid,it makes me wonder if GM really does stand for Government Motors?
This no joke, i was at the pump in the middle of the picture,and hill assist came on and stopped me from leaving.
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