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Also, I think technically LTs are illegal because they move cats' from their original locations; also, replacing a functioning OEM catalytic converter is illegal by Federal Law. I know that most states only have a visual inspection, and that's isn't too big a deal, but know your states' laws. Laws where I live say that I have to ask permission to wipe my @$$ and I've paid more than $500 in fines directly related to running LTs.
on top of just moving them from their stock location being illegal, moving them farther down the exhaust stream makes it harder for the cats to stay hot enough to function properly.

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For referrence: Borla, BBK, Dynomax, Edelbrock, Hooker, Kooks, Quick Time Performance, and Stainless Works are just a few LT manufacturers out there. I'm sure more will come out of the woodwork after cars are in more customers' hands. In most cases, you get what you pay for...
dont forget Pacesetter. lol
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