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Originally Posted by Burnt_RS View Post
My car is terrible for this too. It leaks at the clamps where my SLP axle back exhaust connects. The clamps are tight but it still leaks. I have had mine stored for the last 5 or so months. Upon changing my oil a few weeks back (put the car on front ramps) the car left a relatively large puddle on the floor, not much different than in your pictures. It happens, no concerns at all. Just like others have said, its condensation. Mine is particularly bad because I start my car through the storage time and let it run for 15 mins. the exhaust doesn't get very hot so the water continues to accumulate in the exhaust. Nothing a good run wont fix, when I put it on the road in a few weeks.
You do know that's the worst thing you can do with a stored car right??
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