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Originally Posted by wildpaws View Post
I find it interesting that so many people with a low post count and clearly not a good understanding of what has transpired on the Z/28 forum for the last two to three years, as well as a post full of details that pertain for the most part to Camaro in general rather than a Z/28, somehow think they need to jump into this forum and tell us what should and shouldn't be.

So many people with a low post count? LOL
You are not exclusive to the Z/28 threads my friend nor your opinions or desires for the Z/28.
Your post suggests that I am not worthy of being an enthusiast.
I owned a 68' RS with a 327. I had many good times in that car.
Was sorry that I ever let it go. Those memories still run through by blood.
Do not feel threatened Clyde. I am not telling you what should be or shouldn't be. I did state that I do not share YOUR enthusiasm.
But my desire and enthusiasm is no less than yours my friend.
After all, I am just one person with a low post count.
Thanks for the chuckle, but I will post whatever I feel is with in my red blooded soul, low post count and all.

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