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Originally Posted by 2010SLVRBULIT View Post
their $ to lose, if they want to talk smack, so be it..I don't like their car, they don't like mine, big deal. I won't lose any sleep over it.
Well you sure changed your tune didn't you? Alright, all your attempts at cute and clever aside, I'll answer your question for you. No, You won't say a thing. You will run your mouth and shout out to all future '14 Owners here that they're nuts and their cars are fugly, but when the time comes your mouth will be shut. Guaranteed. keyboard warrior. So, like i said, i don't like the changes either. my opinion is strong too. But i'm a bit more mature than you obviously, and i know what's what, and to the people who like the '14 and buy it, all the power to ya, fellow camaro owners!

btw keep the lotion you obviously need it. Done arguing w/ punks, i gotta UFC fight to watch!!
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