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Originally Posted by Tara Martin View Post
Nice ride, Warfighter! I love the color, (of course.). If I didn't have a 1LE, I would have optioned that spoiler, too. I ordered mine with the heritage grill, and yes, the bowtie came off immediately! Good work and welcome back to CONUS!

Thank you very much. I was really against red when I was car shopping. But now, it really is the color for me. I love the spoiler too. It wasn't until I joined this site that I found out it was not a standard option.

Originally Posted by xVengeancex28 View Post
Car is looking great Jessie! Glad to see you finally started a build thread for your camaro Cant wait to see what else you have in store.

Also welcome back home!
Thanks Chris. I wanted to start one a long time ago, but it would have been just a bunch of me whining and missing my car. LOL I have a lot more planned and with a fully supportive wife, everything will come along nicely. And Thanks, it is so good to be home.
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