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Originally Posted by v6sonoma View Post
Rest assured you will be pissed. Thats exactly what will change. At least the dash part and probably the center console. I don't expect a major style change so much as a materials change and an adjustment in looks to show a change also the wheel will be changed. The side panels will probably stay. It's really stupid to be honest. I see nothing wrong with the current quality. The fit and finish is great. People are just bitching about plastics being hard. Wooooo. Hard plastic. Come on. How often does anyone grope their dash anyway.
Sorry, but I disagree. In a $25-40k car, most just think hard plastic surfaces are cheap. If they can do soft plastic dashes in a $20k Malibu no reason to not do it in the Camaro.

The look to me is fine as far as the design.

The hard plastic is also why a lot of folks are having problems with scratching and other damages.

I had two fourth gens. The dash designs were a bit much, but the textures and feel were decent.

if GM wants this car to be world class they need to start to look around at the competition more and stop listening to only fans of the car. Its why Ford changed the interior for the 2010 model Mustang.

This car needs to push broader appeal.

Virtually every review of the Camaro took it to task for the interior materials. That doesn't ring well with the consumer no matter how you cut it.
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