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Out with Energy Suspension In with Pedders

First off I’m going to say that this thread is made from my opinion and personal experience. You may or may not agree or have had the same issues. This is not going to be about Mfg bashing but is designe to show the difference between the two designs and feel of the bushings.

Some of you might have seen my post with the issues I had installing my Energy Suspension cradle inserts but in case you didn’t you can go to post #114 on this thread.

After dealing with my install I started looking at the differences in the design of the ES inserts vs Pedders inserts and the way the front inserts are done is completely different between the two brands. Even though I could feel a difference in how the ES inserts firmed up my car I just couldn’t get past the design (or install for that matter).

I ended up talking with both Rob @ Wretched Motorsports and Justice Pete (both are great guys and talked with me after hours). I ended up buying the Stage 1 Street kit from Rob which includes the Radius Rod inserts and Cradle inserts. I’ll say right off the bat I really like the Pedders inserts. They are a much higher quality and better design IMO. They are more money but in this case they are worth it. I’m not one so spend extra money where it’s not needed but it is in the case of the different cradle inserts.

The front cradle bushing insert is really where the difference is. The rear inserts are very similar, even in feel, but the Pedders still seem a little stiffer. If you look at the way the ES inserts (and BMR are the same design) are designed they just fill the inside of the bushing. There is nothing that goes on top between the frame and cradle. In addition it’s nearly impossible to get them flush with the cradle. That means that the insert with fold over which it’s not designed to do. I didn’t like this at all personally.

Even if you look at the way the Mfg has them installed (well….I couldn’t find a pic of the ES inserts so I’m going based on the BMR inserts) they are supposed to be flush with the cradle. I’ve seen some pics posted by another member that does performance work and even his are sticking up a little. If you look at the pic where I dropped the cradle in order to replace them with Pedders you can see the little bit that is still sticking up. You can only imagine that when that’s bolted up to the frame it’s going to fold over.

The black ones are the ES/BMR design. The red ones are Pedders.

BTW: in case anyone wanted to see the install on the Radius Rod inserts
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