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Hotchkis Max Chassis Brace really does stiffen the Gen5 chassis

I always felt that the Camaro's chassis could be stronger, so I ordered the Hotchkis Max Chassis brace from Maryland Speed and installed it. Very smooth install even lying on your back. The brace is very light weight and easy to handle.

As I drove out of my back driveway, I could immediately feel the increased rigidity in the car's chassis. My driveway is elevated above the alley and the car has to travel over a decline, into a dip created by the rain runoff channel before all four tires are on the alley's main paved roadway. The car also has to back into the alley at about a 45 angle. This places a lot of flex on the chassis as each wheel transitions on and off the different elevations.

Before the brace, either of the front coilover springs (depending on which way I back out of into the alley) would bind and unbind causing a slight twang sound as my Camaro drove out of the alley. This noise was consistent and I always went slowly to avoid binding the springs too much.

The first time I backed out of the driveway with the brace on, I could feel the car flex much less and the spring noise did not occur. I haven't had that noise now since I got the brace.

On the road, the car ride is stiffer. As the car goes over road irregularities, the chassis responds as if it was a washboard with much less give. The suspension is working harder now for sure.

One note of caution if you autocross your car and have the complete Max Brace installed. You cannot run E-SP (street prepared) class since SCCA rules do not allow tying the left and right sides of the car chassis together unless you are using the factory tunnel brace (which also cannot be modified). To make my Camaro class legal, I have to race with the Hotchkis cross brace removed. Also, the Gen5 Camaro SS defaults into E-SP class right away (bone stock). It is not allowed in stock class.
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